Water Table Fun

The weather around here has been less than stellar lately. In fact, it’s been pretty miserable. I’m not a big winter-type person; and ever since moving to Northern California (almost 10 years ago…where has the time gone?), I seriously cannot stand the months of January-March. Now, I love a good rainy day, one where you can snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie; but when it’s days and months on end, I tend to get a little restless. I literally feel like I’ve conquered a small victory; when April rolls around and I know I’ve made it through another rainy NorCal winter.


We’ve had rain off and on for the past three weeks; and on days when it’s not pouring, it’s just cold and dreary enough to not want to be outside. Now that I have a baby, I totally understand why so many moms go stir crazy during the winter months. Back when I was teaching; I use to loathe “Rainy Day Recess.” The kids so badly needed to be outside to burn off all their energy and I needed those 20 minutes to decompress! I’ve had to get a little creative around our house lately; to keep Doodlebug busy on days we can’t get out. We recently bought her a water table, and I’ve been dying for a warm day where we can go outside and use it. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been to many opportunities for outside water play; but there’s nothing wrong with setting up shop in the kitchen, and putting on a bathing suit to play with the water table.


Last week, Doodlebug kept walking over to her water table saying, “Peeeeaassseee!” I felt the same way! I so badly wanted to play with it too. So, I decided I’d throw some of our thick pool towels on the floor, and fill that sucker with water. I put Doodlebug in a much too big bathing suit, and let her go to town! She had the best time!


We took some our her bath toys and put them in the table too. She even asked for her toothbrush. We have an extra one, so I figured, it’s just water; it can’t hurt to let her play with it.

PicMonkey Collage98

My favorite was when she decided she was going to brush her teeth in the table. It was so cute and hysterical!

PicMonkey Collage123

After having so much fun with our “indoor” water table; I thought I’d do a water play round up today. Just some quick and easy ideas to help makes those cold and rainy days a little less boring. You can find the links above each picture. I hope y’all all find some inspiration to try with your little ones!

PicMonkey Collage1234



Rescue Iceberg Toys from Dana’s Pink Ribbon


Fishing for Letters and Numbers from Pigtails and Tutus


Bathtub Painting from Team Dischinger


Sensory Bins with Water Beads from Heaps of Laundry


Indoor Carwash from Momtastic


Cooking in the Sink from No Time for Flash Cards


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6 thoughts on “Water Table Fun

  1. So many cool ideas in this post! My son LOVES playing with water so this gives me a ton of ideas on how to keep him busy on rainy weekend days. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Fantastic ideas! I’ve long since abandoned the idea of having a tidy house and am often knee deep in inappropriate usage of household items when the husband gets home. The only thing I ever drew the line at was the sandpit – if a toy has gone in the sandpit it never comes back in the house!!!

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